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I wrote this book to help children learn thankfulness.

This book brings kids from greed to gratitude. G.K. Chesterton said:
"Gratitude is the mother of all the virtues."

THE RICHEST KID IN THE POOR HOUSE is about a boy who doesn't appreciate his parents until he gets a hamster who doesn't appreciate HIM! He learns the value of what really matters, and becomes truly rich in the process.

With critical acclaim by Ray Bradbury who said, "Made me wish I was 8 years old again! Turning the last page, I almost was!"

For a Limited time only I am offering a FREE COPY of The Richest Kid in The Poor House to any child expressing gratitude or thankfulness for someone else.

You may also purchase this book through EduDesigns - but why not let your kids get one free?

While they are writing about someone they are thankful for, they will not only be practicing their writing skills, they will be thinking about what they are grateful for, maybe even YOU! Reading and writing are potent ways to inspire children to better character by focusing their ideas into creativity

"...I definitely felt empathy for  Pete, and it's nice how he learned some lessons..."~Frans Vischer, Author and Illustrator of 'Jimmy Dabble', and 'Fuddles'
"It echoes every Parents' cry... the Story reminds me of the blessings that we all take for granted.
~ Barry Cook, Co-Director, Disney's MULAN

"With the wisdom, humor, and loving experience acquired from raising seven children, David and Ruth Elliott have written and beautifully illustrated a heartwarming story about a young boy that will engage readers of all ages. Combining familiar themes of a lost pet, the 'Why can't I do what others do?' and the wonder of a father's sacrificial love, THE RICHEST KID IN THE POORHOUSE reminds us all of the faith and values that make life truly worthwhile." - Patricia Ann 'Pann' Baltz 1993 California Teacher of the Year 1993 Disney Teacher of the Year

"The Richest Kid In The Poorhouse is a well-written and illustrated book with an important message for today's kids. The engaging story and fun-filled artwork will keep kids attention to the last page. ... A great book for the whole family to enjoy together. I recommend The Richest Kid In The Poorhouse highly."
~ Rev. Vikki Randall, Associate Pastor for Children & Families
"I was very impressed by this book and its message..."
~Syma Abbasi, Art Teacher
“A great moral lesson and fun to read...”
~ Dr Charles Bruce Abbott:

Just send me an email with your child's written story, illustrated or not, and I will mail you a copy of the book!
I might even publish it on the site for them to be proud of! To get an idea what one young student wrote, click here.

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Ruth enjoys sharing ideas to help busy parents with the challenges of raising their kids to be productive and positive people! She is an Emmy Award winning animation artist, author and illustrator, who gives parents tools for positive behavior through her site Also the Director for EduDesigns, a non profit offering materials for character development and education at

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