Are You concerned about children's character?
I am TOO!
There's something you can do to help. Please visit Edu Designs to find out more:


Are Art and Virtue disappearing from the schools? Children need to learn more.
Did you know that learning Art helps Math skills improve?
Do you wish schools could get materials that help kids learn Art and reinforce Math standards, too?

is a NonProfit Organization doing just that. 100% of donations they receive go to projects that help children through Art that reinforce Math Standards plus provide Character building educational materials. I know you care about kids or you wouldn't be visiting GOMOMMYGO. If you really want to help, give to the Non Profit that cares about Children's character development.

Some thoughts from GoMommyGo:


Evidence in neuroscience and psychology reveals that EARLY EXPOSURE to TV can be harmful to a child's brain and development. It is better to keep your child away from, or strictly limit TV, computer use or video games until after 3 years old, and even some agree that it is better to wait until after 5 or 6 years before exposing them to it. Since our primary relationship with the world comes through relating - to PEOPLE - we learn to be much smarter about the REAL world through REAL LIFE. Anything else is going to lead to problems one way or another. Though all kids love TV and Video games, the harmful effects of too much too early in life are well documented. Candy is fun, too, but it has no real nutritional value and too much can cause them to turn into monsters (have you already noticed?) Look up "harmful effects of TV on young children" on google. If bad examples of how to behave are walking through the door through the TV, then CLOSE THE DOOR! You're in charge! So don't let the TV be the boss of YOU! Shut IT up, too!

For older kids, use TV selectively, as an educational tool or a reward for work done. Let them only watch programs YOU have selectively chosen or approve of. If you limit it to no more than a half hour at a time there is more opportunity to emotionally process what was seen. When your kids do watch, check what they are watching! Comment on the things you see - if it is teaching untruths use the time as a teaching tool to explain to your children so they will not fall for the subtle manipulation of the movie makers or advertisers. And OBSERVE! Observe the reactions in your kids after they watch TV. Do they emulate the behaviors they have seen? There's proof right there!  Tell them when you see them imitate something you don't approve of, and let them know in no uncertain terms that though they saw it on TV, it is NOT good, and you will NOT allow them to watch TV if you notice them behaving badly again. There's no substitute for HANDS-on, REAL world experiences to learn things by.

I started this website with tips to help moms and dads organize the kids and help with behavior issues, because so many other people helped me when I needed it. Certainly am not an expert, but I have a heart for what parents are going through. Don't give up - on yourself or your kid - OR your SPOUSE! THEY were once a little kid too. Persistence is the key to success in anything, and nobody is perfect! No matter how hard we try, we are all 'fix up projects'. So keep it up! It's worth it. Improvement takes time and effort. And FORGIVENESS! We ALL need THAT. As long as you are not being abused, your relationships are worth holding on to. But if you think you are being abused, or want to know more about it, check out these LINKS on Domestic Abuse and Warning signs. Plus how to get help here: NDVH and Helpguide.

Is your child becoming ABUSIVE?

"My kid is acting just like my ex!"
Is one of the family acting like an abusive family member who is no longer in the home? I heard a psychologist say that when one family member leaves the nuclear family unit (through death, divorce or some other reason), that someone else in the family will began imitating that person's role, so that things will feel the 'same'. If you had a previous family member who was abusive, and is now gone from the home, it might explain why suddenly your child might be acting just like the departed family member. But in any case, you must let your child know that these behaviors are unacceptable, regardless of whom they saw doing it.

--- Try this technique: if someone is verbally abusive, walk out of the room and say, "I'm sorry, but I can't talk with you while you're acting like that". If you want to learn more, check out these links on Domestic Abuse and Warning signs. If you or someone you know is being abused, don't wait. Check out these links: NDVH, and Helpguide. There are people who are there to help.

HERE'S HOW (Click here)

Forgetful Lately? Heard about 'MOMNESIA'?
Not surprising when you calculate that a new mom loses an average of 450-700 hours of sleep the first year alone! It's part of the survival instinct to keep mom's attention on what really matters - their babies! So the rest of the world goes on the back burner. Sounds natural to me!
click here for an article about it!

Having trouble getting your kids to sleep?
Nancy highly recommends this excellent book to new Mothers:

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child
by Marc Weissbluth

(Click on the name of the book to take you to a site that describes it further):

-Partial quote: "Dr. Marc Weissbluth, distinguished pediatrician and father of four, offers his groundbreaking program to ensure the best sleep for your child. In Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, he explains... his step-by-step process... This valuable sourcebook contains brand new research..."

- Above is a partial quote from the site that sells the book - This is not a paid advertisement. I get nothing from it but the satisfaction of sharing something that helps others be better parents.

Help kids go from Greed to Gratitude.


is a book with a message!

WIN a copy!

For a limited time, we are offering a FREE copy of this book to any child that expresses thankfulness, gratitude or appreciation for another person!

To get a copy, Email your child's story, essay or report that demonstrates thankfulness, gratitude or appreciation for another person!

If your child's entry is chosen, we will display it in GO MOMMY GO!

Read the Award Winning Essay by Jordan Coburn!

Read how Rebecca won a book for her kids!


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Here are some comments You have shared!


with MY COMMENTS following them!

On Sep 27, 2010 Rebecca wrote:

Hi Ruth,

I've been kind of slacking in the chart department lately, but after a really rough day with my 2 girls I realized I need to get back on the ball. I have a new suggestion for the charts. My 4 year old daughter sucks on 2 of her fingers & we really want to get her to break the habit. Could you make a picture for the chart for no finger/thumb sucking? Thanks for all that you've done.

Oh & by the way, as your personal proofreader, I thought I'd let you know that on the Word document you have on your site, 2 of your pictures are backwards; "Make Bed" & "Hang up Coat".

I sent out an e-mail to all my siblings today, touting your wonderful site.

Thanks again,

Hi Rebecca!
You are just what I needed! Thanks so much for your help in the proofreading department - AND for the great encouragement!
I'll fix them as soon as my family will allow (you know about that one, I'm sure) - and I will let you know when I get them all up.

PS - I was a thumb sucker, too, till 4 years old!- Here's my blogpost with details on what worked for me! and by the way - my teeth turned out fine!

Then on Sep 29, 2010, Rebecca wrote again:

Thanks. I almost sent in a story about my girls to see if they could win that book, but then I thought the story didn’t really fit what you were looking for. It was really a story of how they touched me with their generosity. Since I think you might appreciate it, I’ll include it in this e-mail anyway.

[NOTE: Rebecca DID win the book for her kids! View her prize winning entry HERE!]

So, walking into a store recently, Sofi (age 6) saw a dollar on the ground & Lia (age 4) asked me if she could pick it up. I said “yes”, because otherwise it would just blow away. They were asking me, “Are we going to keep it?” I said, “I don’t know, we’ll see”. Because I thought what if we see someone looking for the dollar they dropped, then I would want to give it to them.

When we got to the entrance, there was a man asking for change, so I told Lia, “Give that dollar to that man”. So she said, “OK” and easily handed it over. They saw him again as we were leaving so they were asking me about it on the way home. They wanted to know, “Why was he still there?” I explained that he was asking for more money. Lia asked, “Is he poor?” and I said, “Yes.”

So then they were thinking about that for a while & then Sofi said, “I think God placed that $ there to use us to help that man.” And Lia said, “Yeah, because God can’t give him the money, so he wanted us to pick it up & give it to the poor man.”

Rebecca, THANKS so much for sending this. It really touched me. Our lives parallel in so many ways - It is beautiful that in the teachable moment you were right there to impart an important message - and how your girls got it - BOY how they got it! I'm glad they are blessed to have you for their mom - those are the kinds of experiences that, even if they forget the event when they grow up, they will remember on a subconscious level forever. More caught than taught. You are such a great example to them.
I will send the book!
You are the best!

May 20th, 2010   What a wise mom! To keep her kids from getting lost in the store when they were little, Shauntel, from St. Louis, MO  had this great technique. She'd say to them:
"Hold my pocket so I don't get LOST!"
(Then they'd hold on tight!)

On Friday, Feb 12th, 2010 I met an amazing mother named Roxanne. To paraphrase what she had to say:

You have to let your children know you have big expectations for them. I always told my son, "You are like a domino. And all those other people out there are dominos too. Everyone influences everyone else in this world. If you fall over, they will too." 

What WISDOM! I wish I had thought of expressing it that way!

On Oct. 30, 2009 Alicia wrote:


On Oct. 19, 2009 Kim wrote:

your site is a ABSOLUTE GOD SEND!!!! Was looking for illustrations for my 4yr old to use on a chore chart and your artwork was IT!

thanks so much for ALL the info on your site. I was glad to see that it has links to Focus on the Family and Charlotte Mason.

:>) God Bless and take care

On Jul 23, 2009 Catherine wrote:

Hi Ruth,
Wow, thanks for all those new images! I love the one that says, "Yell? No! Talk? Yes!" and the waiting patiently one. I'll definitely be adding those to my chart.

My son is 3 years old. I created a chart for him because telling him to be gentle, be nice, no hitting... just wasn't getting results. I've been using the chart for the past two weeks, and he seems to be motivated by getting stars! I put the chart inside a sheet protector and use one of those vis-a-vis transparency markers to draw in his stars-- the chart is then put on a clipboard which we can carry with us anywhere (in the car too!). Using the sheet protector and transparency marker makes it so I don't need to keep printing new charts each week-- I just need to wipe off the old stars and start again.

As my son gets older, I'll be sure to add more of your images to his chart.

Thanks again for helping to make parenting a bit easier!

Dear Catherine,
Thank you for your wonderful response and idea for reusing the charts! I will definitely place it up on the site so other moms will benefit also.* You are such a neat mom!
By the way, how did you find out about GOMOMMYGO?
I'm always interested how people stumble upon my site!
Thanks again for your interest, too!

*I made this to show how it might look!


This is one of the BEST ideas I've seen in a LONG TIME!

Use a plastic sheet protector to cover the chart, mark with Dri-markers and you can use it over and over again!

By the way - you can usually find Clipboards at the 99c store!

On July 24, 2009 Catherine wrote:

Dear Ruth,

I found out about GoMommyGo when I was searching the internet for examples of responsibility charts. I was planning on making one myself, but then stumbled upon your site. Your free resources saved me a lot of work and enabled me to get started on using the chart with my son. I also enjoy reading the tips that go along with some of the images; it's nice to know how certain images can be expanded to cover broader behaviors that I didn't think of before.

I have bookmarked your site and have found myself coming back to it now and then.

on Thursday, June 25, 2009 Catherine wrote:

I love the images you use for the charts. I'm making a chart for my son to use. I'm really excited about it. He's seen the pictures and can recognize what each is saying, so I think it will really help him to remember and be motivated to follow through.

Do you think you can add an image for "Being helpful"? I think it's important for my son to learn not to make more work for others, but instead to be helpful.

Also, something along the lines of "Setting a good example". With siblings, cousins, and friends, it's good for older kids to remember that younger kids are watching them and learning from them. My sister teaches her son to be a stepping stone instead of a stumbling block. I like that idea too.

Thanks for sharing your artwork and ideas!

On Jun 15, 2009, Kylie wrote:


I stumbled across your site whilst making a reward chart for my sons and it saved me a lot of time! Thank you.

Some other suggestions which were on my list but I couldn't find images for:
Tidy your room
Getting ready for school without being asked
Showing patience / learning to wait
Putting school bag away after school
Asking for help (no yelling or crying)
Staying dry overnight (for night toilet training)
Sleeping all night (no waking up or calling out)
Thanks again.

Kylie in Australia!

Hi Kylie!

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you!
Thanks for 'stumbling' onto GOMOMMYGO! Those are all great ideas!
I honestly did not forget you - I was so excited when you wrote I had an email I thought I had sent telling you I'd get back to you when they were ready, but in looking for your address just now I found it in the 'drafts' folder! I can't believe I didn't send it when I thought I did!

I have been working to get them done all this time but life was taking longer than I thought in other parts so I didn't get them finished till just now. I hope you will understand the delay!

Depending on the ages of your children, here's what I did:

You can use this image) for Tidy your room:

also -
For younger kids who need help to get started with a plan on how to clean their room, I have a few ideas to get the job of broken down into smaller parts to make the job of easier, here:
For cleaning jobs, I made several new chore images added to this page:

broom clean floor chores taking out trashTP Folding laundry putting away laundry wastebasket cleaning Mirrors cleaning up mess hanging up coat table set nicely taking dish from table

Getting ready for school without being asked could be broken down to these parts:

Getting up on time:
happy alarm clock
Getting Dressed:
small child getting dressed
For Showing patience / learning to wait:
wait patiently
For Putting school bag away after school:
For Asking for help
(no yelling or crying):

don't yell - talk instead!

For Staying dry overnight
(for night toilet training) or Sleeping all night child sleeping soundly
(no waking up or calling out except in emergencies):

If you have Microsoft word on your computer you can make image selections to meet your personal needs here:

I'm better with macs than PC's, but I think you can also just drag any image you want to copy into any open folder on your desktop (or is it right click and chose copy?), then place them into any type of document you know how to use (excel, tables, etc) to make your own charts with (for personal, non commercial use only, of course!)
Does that sound like it would work on your computer? Let me know what you think!
Many thanks,

On Jun 8, 2009, Diane wrote:

I loved the information on your site and the visual illustration to place on a child chore chart. I am starting summer vacation and want it to be the best ever. I would love to know if there are illustrations for the following chore:

Wash Floor
Clean Bathroom
Put Laundry Away
Fold Laundry
FIll bathroom with toilet paper
set up table
Mow Lawn
Put dishes away
wash mirrors

Hi Diane!
Thanks so much for your enthusiasm!
You must be a GREAT mom. And what lucky kids you have.
These are great suggestions!
I have also thought of those very same things that need illustrating.
Now that you have also mentioned it I will do my best to get them up as soon as possible!
Hopefully in the next couple of weeks. I will let you know when I do.

Best to you,

PS - I finally got them up, despite moving, family illnesses, dog and cat problems, and - well - you know how it goes - as John Lennon said, "Life is what happens to you while you are making other plans!" making these pictures is the fun part for me, but sadly, I am not always allowed as much 'fun' as I would like!
So here they are - in time for NEXT summer (or whenever you want your kids to start up the program again)!
You can find my pics of the behaviors you asked about in several places:
to make a custom chart if you have microsoft word on your comp:
or on this page for printing all:
(you canalso drag them to your desktop if you need to use in another application):
you can find them here individually, with descriptions:
Sweep and Wash Floor:
Clean Bathroom
Put Laundry Away
Fold Laundry
FIll bathroom with toilet paper
set up table
Mow Lawn
Put dishes away
wash mirrors


February 27, 2009 Karen wrote:

A friend just forwarded me your website and it's just what I've been looking for! I already use a reward chart for my almost 4 year old but I wanted something with pictures for my 2 year old. The only other things I'd like pictures for would be 1) Stays in bed all night (no sneaking into parents room) 2) Hangs up coat, and 3) Clears dishes from table after eating - oh yeah, and No Whining or hitting (uses regular voice and keeps hands to her/himself would be a nicer way to put it). Will you be able to notify me when and if these suggestions are created? Thank you! Karen

I finally got the pictures done and put them up!

You can go see the ones you suggested here:

All the behaviors are on this page:
plus - if you have microsoft word on your computer you can mix and match whichever pictures you need here:

Hope it helps!


Thanks, Kylie!  It took me a while, but I put the new ones up here!
By the way, Kylie writes a blog on an Australian Parenting website!
She's BRILLIANT! Check it out here:
Essential Baby -> Blog: Kylie Orr

January 31, 2009 Adeah wrote:

Thank you for the resources on your website! I have been looking everywhere for a behavior chart my 3 year old can read! Lovely pictures! I would like to suggest "Trying on the Potty" we are rewarding our daughter with praise for trying on the potty.
Thank you again!

Dear Adeah,

Thanks so much for your suggestion! I finally got a day off to doodle, and came up with this idea:
See what you think! Have you see the Potty training page, too, here?
Each child needs something different, so I really appreciate that you shared your approach. I'm sure other mom's will truly appreciate it too!

Best, Ruth

How can a Popsicle stick help behavior? Jamie found out!
Read below!

On Jan 14, 2009, at 12:24 PM, Jamie wrote:

My son has had some difficulties with behavior and is very hyperactive. I found negative consequences just escalated the behaviors (ex. taking things away, spanking, etc.) I started giving him popscicle sticks for good behavior and he has a chart with different rewards and values. He uses his popsicle sticks to "pay me" for his rewards. Sometimes he saves up for a big item (like going to Chuckie Cheese) or sometimes he uses his sticks for smaller rewards like bedtime stories or extra tv time. The good thing is that his preschool gives sticks and the amount he gets at school is the amount he receives from me also which helps tie in school behavior at home.

Dear Jamie,
Thank you so much for sharing!
I really like the idea of the popsicle sticks! It must work well for him to have something tangible to hold onto. I think it probably makes the message even clearer that way...
I really appreciate you letting me know!
Many thanks,
PS - He must be at the perfect age for 'hands on' learning. And so lucky to have YOU for a mom!

January 9, 2009  Cathie wrote:

Hi! How about a picture for feeding/watering pets? Thanks! Love your website!!!!

Dear Cathie,
Well, I finally did it! Here's the link to see the behavior picture on Feeding/ watering pets!
Hope you like them!
Thanks again!

On Monday, August 11, 2008 Sherry Lenehan wrote:
I'm looking into using your chart for my 3 yr. old & 5 yr. old. What about a picture for getting dressed w/out a fuss? Or leaving an activity/school w/out a fuss? I know that would probably fall into doing what you are told. But with my kids - especially the 5 yr. old, who is VERY SPIRITED - I need to narrow things down a bit more.
Thanks and have a great day!!

Dear Sherry,

Well I finally got them up! Here is where you will find them on the site:

getting dressed


What lucky kids you have with you for a mama!
Have Fun!

On Friday, August 15, 2008 Sherry wrote:

Dear Ruth,

Thanks a bunch! Those are awesome!!!


On June 26, 2008 4:25:28 Nadia wrote:

"I just LOVE your cartoons! I showed my 2.5yr old daughter and she knew EXACTLY was each item was!
I was just wondering if you had any more drawings? There are a few that I need ......I'm using the eat veggies & fruit one for 'eat all your dinner'......
another one....use your 'inside voice ...inside!
There are a few others but I can't think right now! Thanks - please let me know if you have more cartoons.......thanks!!!!

THANKS, Nadia! I'm so grateful to YOU!  Will do!

All YOU Moms - Please keep 'em comin'!   TELL ME! :)

On June 7, 2008 Barbara wrote:

"I have 20 years of Child Development and 5 years of Motherhood under my belt so far! Your ideas are wonderful and very practical!

I absolutely swear by the sticker chart approach. One idea that I came up with when working with my son's sticker chart is that he puts a sticker on his day of the week when he's completed his tasks for the morning by the time the timer goes off. If he gets a sticker for every day of the week, I give him a dollar. If he doesn't on a particular day, he gets an "X" on that day, and loses a privelege. If he gets an "X" two days in a row, then he loses an additional privelege from the one he lost the first time.

Because the chart I use is mainly for the weekdays to make sure he's ready for school on time, he will not lose any more than 3 priviledges in the week. (Of course, for him the priveledges are huge: 1. No watching TV/Movies, 2. No Nintendo or Gameboy, 3. No computer time).

Having it set up this way, gives him incentive in two ways: if he gets stickers all week, he can get a dollar at the end of the week, and also not lose any priveledges. This way, if he gets an "X" on any day, he will not lose incentive and then not care for the rest of the week.
This system works best for my son. It helps him stay on task, and helps me not stress so much because he is aware of the consequences of his actions. I am also able to focus on my tasks better in the morning because I don't have to worry about keeping after him."

THANKS from ALL the MOMS who will benefit, Barbara!

On May 14, 2008 KENYETTA wrote:
"By me being a young mother I really try my best - and to hear good things about how you are trying really makes me feel good. It makes me want to continue doing what I do especially when people recognize that you are only trying your best. My motto is: I had my kids and they did not ask to come in to this world. So it is my duty to make sure that they are taken care of"

THANKS, Kenyetta! I LOVE the way you think! :)

Thanks, all you moms, for your good ideas!

I like these Wise Words from Estella:

"Grandchildren are the DESSERT of the LIFE!"

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